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The Light Life Ring is based on the principle of sacred geometry measure; superconductivity, and harmonic frequencies of light. Used to remove energetic blockages for healing in chiropractic, massage, homeopathic, Reiki, Jin Shin, Therapeutic Touch, water therapy and rejuvenation practices by professionals and lay practitioners.

It is an independent development of a discovery made in 1991 and recently found to have its roots in ancient Africa/Egypt, some 3,000+ years ago (Interview with Credo Mutlaw, last of the Yulu tribal Scholar/Prophet/Holy Man/ Sangomas; May 2000, Johannesburg).

Applications: Water
* A jug of water set on a medium ring quickly loses its chlorine smell (2-3 hrs), and appears much clearer and brighter than an identical jug not set on a ring. Start with 1/2 glass 1-3 times per day as a de-toxing effect may be noticed. As tolerance for the de-toxing increases after several days, increase the intake. A general sense of more energy, reduced appetite and need of less sleep usually occurs by the end of the second week.
* Some very brave souls have reported drinking a gallon a day from the start with rapid but not unpleasant detoxing and energy levels not experienced since youth.
* Animals universally prefer ring-enhanced water to tap water.
* A birdbath filled with ring treated water needed to be refilled twice to three times a day to meet the demand from hordes of birds.

Applications: Household
Rings on water faucets and showerheads reduce soap needs and the morning shower is significantly more invigorating. Try with and without for a few days.
* A ring on the garden hose for lawn and garden application will reduce watering requirements and increase plant vigor and yield. We have seen aphids disappear from roses overnight when lightly sprayed.
* Voice quality and information transfer to an audience is significantly improved speaking through a ring. May look funny but it works!
* Static is quickly removed from clothing passed 2-3 times through a ring, it also energies from people who have been wearing the cloth.
* Shoes and leather goods feel softer when set in a large ring.
* A large ring hung on the end of closet makes the entire clothing feel "alive".
* One person marketing dance wear passes every new item through a large ring before displaying - then scans the racks every evening to "freshen" after a days handling. Her sales took a big jump and remain higher than the previous 3-year average.

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Applications: Comfort
Dogs and cats will often seek out and sleep in or on rings left on the floor.
* Large rings under the mattress have relieved chronic back spasm and sleeplessness.
* A medium ring on your airline seat, especially for intercontinental flights significantly reduces jetlag for most travelers.
* Ring enhanced water applied by soaking, wet compress or spray quickly relieves sunburn and other burns.
* A ring under the computer keyboard or worn on the left arm dramatically reduces "computer burnout" in the user. A small ring over the "mouse" keeps the hand working with the mouse relaxed.
* We've had several reports that stiff wrists and shoulders have relaxed and pain disappeared in a few hours with rings around the offending area.
* Numerous reports of certain types of headaches gone in a few minutes wearing a ring on the head.
* Passing a large ring around the body top to bottom several times is very energizing first thing in the morning or when tired later in the day.

Further Findings
* Current testing is underway with rings applied to 6" to 8" diameter irrigation pipes in a Florida citrus groves.
* A large ring has been used by numerous individuals to "scan" dangerous lightening storms, rapidly and significantly reducing the number and intensity of strikes.
* On two known occasions individuals directly in the path of tornado's were able to reduce the threat to zero in 5 to 15 minutes of scanning.
* A couple of psychics report much improved clarity of perception when holding a ring in front of their face and directing the "beam" toward the client at any distance.

Please visit www.LightLifeTechnology.comto purchase the tools.