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Slim Spurling, to me, is the true "Lord of the Rings". His understanding of ring technology is unparalleled, and in this book you will discover more about life and the physical world we live in than any university program. It's worth your time! Slim will change your view of your world and what is possible.
-- Drunvalo Melchizedek, author, Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

"Mr. Spurling is to be congratulated for learning to understand the ways of Mother Nature and live in attunement with her-a concept we should all strive to emulate. He has devoted many years to the development of unique devices, which will elevate global ecology to a new level. This engrossing book is a "must read" for both alternative energy researchers and holistic healers."
--Brian Desborough, author, They Cast no Shadows and A Blueprint for a Better World.

"I can’t think of anyone who won’t benefit from reading this important book! If you want to know what we as individuals and as groups can do to eliminate the problems that have had such drastic effects on human health and the health of the planet, there are plenty of answers here. Slim Spurling’s Universe clearly explains how the unseen world affects us, and how it lies at the root of all the afflictions the medical/scientific community has so far been unable to correct. The wealth of knowledge Slim has obtained through his work with earth energies and the Light-Life Technology is crucial to our advancement and evolution. I strongly recommend that we band together at the grass-roots level and use this information to recreate pristine environments in our own communities—the way Slim did in Denver back in 1994."
— Marilyn Gang, Head of Toronto Dowsers, Canada

Please visit www.LightLifeTechnology.com to purchase the tools.

"Seven years of hands-on field work have proven to me that the Light-Life Tools are indispensable in the garden. Light-life rings around the garden hose and on all my irrigation systems energize the water for plants, increasing crop set and plant biomass. Not only do caterpillars flee from the ring energy, there is a significant reduction in other pests as well. The Environmental Harmonizer along with the Environmental Clearing CD frequencies have eliminated powdery mildew and made anthracnose less of a threat to everything that grows on my property. "
— Penelope Bell, Trustee, American Society of Dowsers (www.plantenergy555.com)