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Reading Samples from Slim Spurling's Universe:
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Slim With Some Background on the Harmonizers

“In the next phase of the development of the tools, Slim and Bill wanted to create a sweeping beam that would dispel air pollution and disempower damaging weather conditions as they approached. They stood a ring on edge, making the planar surface perpendicular to the floor. If they could rotate the ring on its vertical axis, the coherent beam coming out of the tensor would be able to sweep the area like a searchlight.

Even though they did not have the exact measurement for the length of the beam at the time, they knew that it reached about ten miles in both directions. Rotating on the vertical axis would create a “plane” of energy and sweep pollution from the atmosphere. This proved unworkable, as the plane was too thin to affect a significant portion of the pollution volume.

Back to the drawing board: they crossed two rings vertically at right angles to each other, forming and “X” from the bird’s eye view. This configuration was taken to the clairvoyant who, not being one to overlook the obvious, said, ‘Well, you have and X! You have two beams intersecting in the center and extending out way beyond my field of vision.’

So why not try three intersecting rings, at 120 degrees? This time the clairvoyant saw a donut-shaped or toroidal form. The toroid, or torus-like shape, is a constant in the universe. Quantum physics describes the primary shape of particles, atoms, and photons as toroidal. At the energetic level everything in the cosmos, when reduced to its fundamental form, is a toroid.

Slim and Bill set up this new device with the rings fixed at 120 degrees in their homes and workshops for a few days so that they could examine its qualities and properties first-hand. They observed that air pollution in the immediate area seemed to disappear for a distance of a couple of hundred yards. The air was fresher and brighter. There seemed to be a wall that marked the boundary of the Harmonizer field, and the pollution on the other side of it was fairly opaque. The Brown Cloud situation in Denver would later provide and ideal testing ground for experimentation with this device………

They now had in their hands an instrument that could transmit a limited field and yet have an extremely powerful, localized effect. The Harmonizer had the capacity to clear air pollution within a thirty-mile diameter…….

The original Harmonizers in Slim’s archives seem crude compared to the model produced now. Nonetheless, it was with these primitive prototypes that the air pollution technology was first developed. Ten of them were later used in the air pollution experiment in Denver on March 18, 1994. Slim plans one day to duplicate the original air pollution experiments using the original Harmonizers to demonstrate the fundamental simplicity and effectiveness of his work.”

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The “Ammonia Event”

“The early prototype of the ring had either a positive or negative effect, depending on which side was facing up. A trained clairvoyant easily sees a golden glow or bright golden light emanating from the positive side of the ring. In their experiments Slim and Bill always carefully marked the positive side so as to eliminate any possibility of creating negative or destructive effects.

During this period of time Slim and Bill had a number of large-scale hazardous chemical reactions going on in the laboratory. Slim was inhaling toxic ammonium sulfide fumes daily, and his health began to decline. One day, in total disgust with all the poison he was inhaling, he laid a two-by-four over one of the 250-gallon tanks of ammonia solution and placed a ring on top of it with the positive side facing down.

The ring remained on the tank overnight and Slim was amazed the next morning to find that there were no fumes emanating from the solution in the treated tank. The lab still smelled of ammonia gas because the second tank had not been treated, but there was no trace of odor coming from the tank with the ring on it. This was one of those “White Crows” that flies through a laboratory every now and then to point the research and discovery process toward the truth.

Excited by this anomaly Slim quickly called it to Bill and Chuck’s attention, but they were not the least bit impressed and chalked up the absence of fumes to evaporation. Angered at their indifference to what in his mind was a major discovery, Slim got up on the cat-walk next to the untreated tank and, using only his hands and a lot of emotion, he ‘drove a bolt of his own energy into the tank’. Then he walked outside to calm down a bit. When he reentered the lab a few minutes later, lo and behold! There were absolutely no toxic fumes coming out of the second tank either.

All of us have the capacity to output transmutational energy. We aren’t taught this in school, but it’s an aspect of our Beingness that can be developed if there is a desire to do it…….

The “Ammonia Event” proved to Slim that there is a definite connection between the normal human energy field, or the ability of the human animal to emit transmutational energy, and the energy field of the ring. That event demonstrated to him that the ‘Life Energy’ in the ring is identical to the ‘Life Energy’ in the human energy field.”

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(Chapter IV – The Light-Life Tools – pages 151-153)

“These pollution-clearing experiments have been successfully repeated all the way from Denver to Cairo. When he arrived in 1997 in Cairo, Slim says the air with its jet and chemical fumes was so bad it could have taken the hair off a buffalo hide! According to him the air in that city was so thick and nasty, you couldn’t even see across the street. The sun was an orange-brown disk faintly visible on the horizon through a thousand-foot layer of brown stench.

"We boarded a cruise ship for a trip up the Nile. The valley was filled with a clinging oily haze…In the late afternoon we passed a sugarcane mill that belched the blackest cloud of smoke from its innards that I have ever seen. We had a Harmonizer attached to an electronic box designed by Bob Dratch that we employed to good advantage. Within seconds of pushing the switch on the box to start the audio program, the smoke visibly thinned and began to dissipate around the edges, and on the leading edge of the plume. It did not seem to drift as fast as before. We were able to observe this for about an hour, as the wind drift was going upstream only a little faster than our cruise boat. By the time we were out of sight of the plume – maybe an hour had passed – it was definitely much thinner than would have been expected under ‘normal’ conditions.

For the grand experiment in Cairo we had three R-2 units consisting of a Harmonizer mounted above an Acu-Vac Coil in a case. One unit was activated by sound, and the other two were ‘slave’ units activated by the main unit.

One unit was placed about 500 feet in front of the Sphinx in a private home and on a key grid point of the sacred geometry layout of Giza. Two other units were placed at the sight of the Temple of the Solar Cross about one and a half miles due south of the Great Pyramid. This involved a rather hairy midnight camel ride into the desert, somewhat reminiscent of an Indiana Jones thriller. We had to leave the units in rock cairns flanking the entrance to the temple, with hopes that the camel jockey wouldn’t retrieve them before we were able to activate them.

We activated the main unit the next morning and then took a tour of the Cairo Museum that lasted about five hours. When we emerged from the building, we found that it had rained the whole time we were inside: an unseasonable deluge in January! The air was fresh and clean and the whole city of Cairo was free of air pollution. It stayed away until we left a few days later. Even the airport was free of the stink as we left.”

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More Data on the Effects of the Harmonizers – The McCurry Farm

“A few years back Slim was doing some experiments with an Agricultural Harmonizer on the McCurry Farm in northern Iowa. The corn crop on this farm had become infested with corn borers, the devastating larval form of a night-flying miller. These moths come equipped with sensors that respond to nocturnal, infrared emanations from unhealthy corn plants. Soon after the installation of an Agricultural Harmonizer with the Environmental Clearing tape, the infestation dissipated, implying an improvement in the health of the corn crop.

If parasites were no longer attracted to the plants, a change in the infrared radiation from the plants occurred. Such a change can even affect the composition of the solar spectrum coming into the fields. Light is what drives the metabolic cycles in green plants. Clearing the air pollution restored the normal solar spectrum required by all plants for the production of proteins and sugars. With the atmosphere in perfect tune, the light from the sun found its way to the crops with no distortion.

In the fall of that same year, the ladybug population on the McCurry Farm seemed to explode. Ladybugs are carnivorous insects beneficial to farmers and gardeners…..

Mr. McCurry later told Slim that he had not even seen a ladybug in the area in thirty years. Ever since the advent of pesticides for general farming practices, these insects had pretty much disappeared. Coincidental with the installation of the Harmonizer technology, swarms of “prodigal” ladybugs showed up after a thirty-year hiatus. They arrived miraculously, or so it seems, to feed off the eggs that the corn borer moths had laid on the corn stalks, and Bingo, what do you know? Mother Nature solved the problem.”

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5) INFORMATION ABOUT THE ART OF DOWSING (Chapter V – Physics and Metaphysics – (Page 195)
Scientific Research Into Dowsing

“Some of the scientific research done on dowsing indicates that the brain waves of the dowser are coming from both alpha and theta levels simultaneously. On a graph, large signals at both the theta and alpha levels indicate that the dowser is receiving ‘transcendental’ information through a ‘sixth’ sense while simultaneously receiving normal input through normal vision and normal waking consciousness mode. For example, a dowser walks along with his dowsing rods in search position looking for a water vein. At the same time he is fully aware of his surrounding environment and maybe even able to carry on a conversation describing what he is doing and answering questions, if need be.

Because he is also operating from the theta level, he is able to pick up other wavelengths and remain tuned enough for the rods to detect whatever he is dowsing. For the most part, dowsers are balanced people who know how to walk in two worlds at the same time and receive information from both the seen and the unseen realms. Enough dowsing research has been done in the last fifty years to lead to a better understanding of the art and nullify the ‘woo-woo’ factor or the mystery.

Dowsing is no longer viewed as a strange art or a strange ability, and anyone can learn to dowse. Some develop the ability to a higher degree than others but, like anything else, not everyone can be a star.”

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Dowsing and Geopathic Stress

“As for geopathic stress, it occurs naturally all over the planet. The ancients and the indigenous people have always known about it for more than 5000 years. They were aware that the faults, fissures, underground streams and natural gases inside the earth created lines of stress and produced radiations that were deleterious. They understood how to detect negative frequencies and knew that it was best to avoid them…….

Here’s the problem: it appears that naturally-occurring geopathic stress has increased 300 or 400 percent over the last hundred years. Stress conditions are found above underground streams of water, certain mineral deposits, faults, and rifts. These systems produce vertical walls or curtains of negative energy that can extend upward into the atmosphere about 30,000 feet, according to Slim. The unprecedented modern use and overuse of electricity has combined with these innate Earth frequencies to produce a grid that wraps around the planet like a web. These grid lines are called Hartmann lines after Dr. Ernst Hartmann and they are destructive to living organisms.

…… Slim and Bill Reid pioneered a method for reducing or eliminating geopathic stress from households and from entire neighborhoods…..Wherever they removed geopathic stress, their clients reported that their symptoms were relieved. Relief often occurred within a few hours, but required more time in cases where the individual had been exposed to those frequencies and geopathic elements for long periods of time.”

Slim’s clearing technique is explained in detail on pages 78-82 of “Slim Spurling’s Universe”.

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Some Helpful, Down-to-Earth Information on the Rings

“As far as broken bones go, the rings have been known to reduce the swelling and knit a broken arm within twenty minutes. One of the first healers to discover this capacity to knit broken bones was Randy McKinney, a chiropractor from Boulder. A boy who had broken his arm a week before came to Randy for treatment, along with his father, who was an open-minded medical doctor.
Randy simply put a ring with a coil around the boy’s arm, and within ten minutes the swelling went down. Ten minutes more and the bone was knit. Confirmed by X-rays the following day, the boy’s arm looked like it had never been broken. His father had taken X-rays of the broken arm two days prior to the session with Randy, and he was amazed that a complete healing had occurred in such a short period of time through the use of the ring technology.

People who do hands-on healing work would do well to wear a couple of smaller rings on their wrists every time they do a session. According to measurements done with computerized radionics equipment, the natural life force that flows through them will be amplified by a factor of 400. All the tools amplify the healing factor 400 times what it would normally be. This figure had been measured and recorded with instruments, so it’s no fantasy or assumption. The benefits to the healer are wonderful. With more healing light coming through the hands of the healer, the client gets relief sooner and the healer suffers less energy loss than usual. This makes it possible to work on more people and get better, quicker results.”

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