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The Nose Mask The inspiration for the Nose Mask came through Slim’s friend and co-researcher, Lonnie Anderson. This tool incorporates the same principles of quantum physics and sacred geometry that lie behind all of the Light-Life Tools ™.

Worn on the face, the Nose Mask is used to alleviate sinus problems, asthma, allergies, hay fever, or any type of respiratory ailment. Head cold symptoms often disappear soon after this device is strapped on. In areas where pollution levels are high and on days when chem-trails are being sprayed, the Nose Mask offers both protection and relief from the effects of chemicals in the air.


The high current generated in the superconducting ring incorporated into the Nose Mask causes copper ions or monatomic copper to sublimate from the wire. Either of these forms of copper ions are toxic to poisonous bacteria, fungus, and mold that filter down from pollutants in the air or from other sources. The copper works to kill the organisms directly, or it neutralizes the plus or minus charge by filling the “docking port” that enables the bug to attach to a cell wall of opposite charge and then interrupt the normal function of a healthy cell.
Skin carries a slight voltage generated from heart sound, pulse, and infrared body heat. In contact with the skin, the slight voltage coming from the body and the galvanic action of sweat reacting with the metal charges the mask in a beneficial way. When copper is exposed to water it oxidizes, and the moisture from the skin and the breath triggers a chemical reaction as it comes into contact with the copper. The energy created may produce ionized oxygen. With every inhalation, the ionized oxygen is ripped off the copper and sublimated copper ions are inhaled with it.

The Nose Mask comes in two sizes, one for adults and one for children. It can be worn any time, for any length of time, or as long as it takes to experience relief.

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