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What can I use the New Cubit Empowerment Light-Life® Ring for?

Below are some reports from practitioners. We’ve also learned that people have amazing results using it to support their telepathic communications.

The Empowerment Ring seems to Work Where it’s needed

“I have been working with the rings all week with my acupuncture clients. I have used both the Sacred Cubit and the New Cubit Empowerment Ring. I am especially enjoying working with the Empowerment Ring. I used it yesterday during an acupuncture session and found something  quite interesting. I was working on my client’s neck/shoulder and low back pain. I placed the ring over the needles on the neck/shoulder area first. When those were done, I removed them, then moved the ring to the low back area, which was still really active and not releasing. When I placed the ring on the low back, the whole area warmed up immediately. The client felt like I had placed a heating blanket on her. When I removed the ring about 15 minutes later, the skin in the whole area was very warm to the touch (but not red like it would be with a heating blanket) and the warmth extended out further than the boundaries of the ring. I then used it around her umbilicus when I laid her on her back to activate her core energy. Like the shoulder area, that area did not feel appreciably warmer than the surrounding skin. I find this quite interesting. It is almost like the ring works in whatever way is most needed. Today the client felt great, said it is the best and fastest she has ever responded to an acupuncture treatment (which I can attest to being true). I also used it last week on clients with the needles and had great results, with faster pain relief and immediate instead of delayed results. I am excited to keep “playing” with the rings and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted. Also, I now have rings on my water softener tanks, refrigerator, and around my drinking water container. I can think of about a dozen more places to put them. I think you are right; you can’t have too many rings!” R.M., IN

Another note from R.M., IN: “I don’t know if you know what radionics is, but using the ring on my antennae seriously cuts my broadcast times, which is nice, since that is the time-limiting

Transmuting Memories with the Empowerment Ring

“I have been using the larger Empowerment Ring around my neck. The land we live on is full of earthbound spirits, and sometimes it messes with my head. I find myself reacting to thoughts that are not mine before I recognize their influence. The Empowerment Ring seems to keep the thoughts out of my head while I sleep and work.

“Additionally, the Empowerment Ring seems to be helping me process the abuse and the memories from my childhood as I acknowledge my father’s passing and sort out the past at a deeper level. The Empowerment Ring seems to transmute painful memories past clearing and healing to learning, courage, and strength

“Our African Grey Parrot loves the Empowerment Ring, too! If I lay on the floor with the ring around my neck, the ring pushes up and she likes to get on the pillow beside me, in the field, but not right in the ring. She snuggles with me and stays still instead of bugging me. It is a stunning difference. This is the mating and nesting season for birds, so for her to settle in like this and be sweet and quiet is very dramatic.” F.S., CO