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Building a foundation of appreciation and respect is the best way to cultivate a relationship with our friends and customers. This blog is the way I’ve chosen to begin that process by acquainting you with Slim Spurling, the inventor of the Light-Life® Tools. I hope that you’ll enjoy learning what made Slim tick and how his genius earned him the reputation as the “master of energy.”

For those who don’t know me, my name is Katharina Spurling-Kaffl.  Slim Spurling was my late husband, and it’s my privilege to carry on his legacy.  I met Slim in Germany in 1997 when he was doing a workshop in Munich, and we were married in 2001.  Some of the things Slim and I shared were a love of nature and its beauty, finding the truth in life, and the satisfaction of rewarding work.  This was the beginning of an extraordinary venture and partnership as we worked tirelessly to bring the potential healing powers of the Light-Life® Tools to the world that we knew.

Let me tell you about Slim.  He was a scientist, inventor, researcher, and an internationally recognized dowser.  In the 70’s, he started a career by teaching himself the art of blacksmithing, and made many beautiful and useful pieces of art.  It was during these years that he became interested in alchemy and the nature of substances and elements of the world.  His research and knowledge made him one of the foremost experts in dowsing, and Slim traveled worldwide to share his expertise.  Slim’s understanding of the importance of energy and its relationship to our physical world, along with his vision of alchemy, geobiology, and blacksmithing, led him to create the first Light-Life® Ring in 1991.  Between that time and his transition in 2007, we created over 80 tools together that would help bring harmony and healing to both the world and its inhabitants.

And that’s just a short summary of his life!  For a more in-depth biography, click HERE, or you can check out the Amazon bestseller, “In the Mind of a Master.”  Slim’s passion continues to drive research, the results of which will astound and amaze you.  The tools have helped people around the world in ways I cannot wait to share with you.

Sometimes a person comes into your life who makes an indelible impression; Slim was that person, and our time together completely altered my life’s path.   My intention in future blogs is to continue to acquaint you with this extraordinary man and to share his message of healing through the Light-Life® Tools.


Katharina Spurling-Kaffl