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Watering my yard, using a Light Life Ring

Frederick Fischl, WA

I would like to relate my experience of watering my yard, using a Light Life Ring on the faucet.

This summer I have used no fertilizers or other soil amendments. I live in a suburban neighborhood and have a deck off the second level, which enables me to view several of the neighbor lawns. Mine is by far the richest, darkest green and most beautiful. Strawberries were planted by the previous owner and they yielded a most delicious crop, despite the fact that while I was away the first two weeks in July, they were barely watered and almost died out. As of today they are still producing berries. The flower garden is doing exceptionally well. As you can assume, I am on city water. That small ring of Slim’s really does wonders. Next year I hope to put in a serious vegetable garden.