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Using the Accupressure Tool for Horses

One of the things that I love most about our Tools is the seemingly endless usages they have.  Even though I utilize them in every way I can dream up, I am constantly given new ideas by our field associates all over the world.  One of our friends here in Colorado came up with a brilliant way to utilize the Acupressure Tool, not on herself, but on the horses she does acupressure work on.

To paint a quick picture for you, the Acupressure Tool is 24K Gold plated Copper and measures in at 1/4 Lost Cubit in length (about six inches).  It has a loop on one end and a ball on the other, each with its own uses.  The loop seems to concentrate energy at the point of contact, while the ball seems to be used to create a flow of energy or to release anything that’s pent up.

Our friend utilizes the acupressure tool first by running it up and down the horse looking for areas that may be blocked.  According to her, “Areas of discomfort often are identified when the Acupressure Tools moves away from the horse’s body as though it is being pushed by an underlying energy, or it is pulled to a point.  Typically, reactions of horses are to relax immediately when the Acupressure Tool is used on their body, to move into points or areas where they desire more work to be done, or to exhibit a variety of “reactions” to feeling their energy move (becoming unblocked) including licking, chewing, passing gas, etc.”

She’s found consistency in all her sessions with horses, but of course the tool can be used on any animal or human.   Animals tend to react to tools especially fast due to the fact that their bodies and lives tend to be a lot less “complicated” that that of humans.

Have you ever utilized acupressure or acupuncture therapies?   If so, what results did you get?  Have you implemented our Tools and seen a difference? I want to hear about it!

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