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ERG – Research – [ 1999 – 2001 Farming seasons In NZ. ]



For work undertaken with farmer Eric Wagener on his 294 ha farm. Chairman for Far North Group of Farmers affected by the Tropical Grass Webworm Attack. [ See Attachment, His Testimonial. ]

I Philip Grey from Earth Talk an outgrowth of ERG Research Group, offered in 1999 free assistance to John Carter; National MP, Northland, who passed on the information to National Government Hon John Luxton, Minister for Food, Fibre, Biosecurity and Border Control. Hon John Luxton suggested I offer the free assistance to the farmers, a new way in problem solving, utilizing New Science and Technology working in harmony with nature.

Over the three years ERG Research Group team and myself applied our combined knowledge and techniques in working with the Agricultural Harmonizers and nature to find a healthy balance with the Tropical Grass Webworm and the surrounding environment.

[ See Attachment ; ]

Eric Wagener Testimonial

Yours truly Philip Grey Earth Talk