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Increasing Mileage with the Acu-Vac Coil

I picked up my coil at the CANAM dowsers convention in Issaquah Wa. and drove home 685 miles and after reading your book realized that I could use it in the car to help with mileage. The next weekend I drove to San Diego again a little over 600 miles this time with remarkable results.

I have a Toyota camry 4cyl, in last 3 years I have never been able to get over 30 mpg. On the trip to (CANAM) I averaged 28 mpg to almost 30 mpg for over 1300 miles.

With the acuvac coil on my sun visor aimed at the road ahead with the bead pointing to the back. I drove from Redding Ca. to Bakersfield on I-5 a total of 422 miles and only used 11.2 gal of gas for a 7 mpg increase on flat ground.

The trip from Bakersfield to San Diego and back in the hills and traffic mileage was still at 32 mpg.

I am Very impressed. Slim thank you for the tools.

B. H., CA