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Slim – A Mystic

A man, a mystic, a wizard, a wisdom keeper all describe Slim Spurling in ways we might understand or be fascinated with. Slim, the man, though tall and definitely slim did not live or create from any title or descriptive distinction. Joyful and fun loving he lived and spoke from a place of such freedom. He gave the impression he was a visitor here, dropped in for a time to love, teach, share and guide us to a vaster perception of the world and universe we lived in. Slim was a humble being and often shy when complimented. He was also a very powerful man, with deep passion and unrelenting drive. He loved this planet, he loved people, and nature and championed them with the courage of a father for his family.

That was the man, the mystic, the wizard and wisdom keeper were part of that expansion and contraction of the universe, creation and all that is seen and unseen. Although he never spoke of it, his eyes would twinkle when asked if he traveled beyond our realms, where did he get his information, how did he know what the eye could not see and science had not yet acknowledged. What inspired his technology that continues to master our limited beliefs and opens worlds of greater personal healing, of cleansing our planet and empowering people to trust themselves again and realize their own unlimited potential. This Merlin with the long white beard charmed an army of students and colleagues with his sharp wit, uncanny perceptions and acts of healing, moving energy and hearts alike. The mischief in his smile made you feel like a kid on a great adventure.

The Wisdom Keeper was a quiet, solitary thinker who so obviously knew so much more than he would say. He did speak freely of what he could not abide in the actions and policies that did not support our world or honor the people. His soft heart kept him up many nights working on solutions for all the injustices and the needless suffering on this planet. He could roar like a lion when crossed and cry tears of deep joy in a rain storm.
This world did not own him, he was free. He gave us gifts that keep on giving and instructions on how to walk a good road, armed with technologies and tools of love and unlimited potential. He was free. He lived and loved and gave without limit…he did it his way…and the world is and will continue to be a better richer place because of him. Many are just becoming familiar with his powerful technology that can literally change our world.

Tanah Whitemoore (AKA Tana Blackmoore)