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Positive Changes since Geopathic Stress Reduction was done on property

Since the class dowsed the property and blocked the geopathic stress lines coming towards my house I have noticed these changes.

  • Immediately when I arrived home that night and continually since that time I no longer clench my jaw or hands with tension, or do I have to force my shoulders down from a scrunched position. I have noticed along with this I am not so stressed by my long commute to work or the job itself.
  • After a couple days my sleep pattern improved significantly. I seem to sleep more deeply now and don’t wake up with a clenched jaw or intrusive thoughts of worry like I used to do.
  • The dogs are much more relaxed and content. The cat is no longer camped out under the bed. Heck, even the parakeet is more chipper and playing with his toys more.

On Sunday evening I also put a ring around the wellhead outside (the well goes down to 400 ft. to the Arapaho aquifer.)

  • I have very hard water with so much calcium in it that if you rinse a dish there are calcium salt deposits everywhere the water dried. By Wednesday morning there was a noticeable change in the soaps and shampoo when used. Because of the salt content most soaps hardly lather at all with well water. Now they lather up great and seem to rinse from the skin and hair better. There is still quite a bit of salt deposit on dishes etc., but I think it would be worth trying the rings around the individual taps as well. There is years of calcium deposits in the pipes and water heater to contend with.
  • Since changing the well pump in 2006, I cannot play the radio while the water is running because the interference from the well pump on the radio is like continuous nails on a chalkboard. On Friday, I discovered that the radio no longer picked up any more interference from the pump at all! Now that is one amazing discovery. That pump is way down that well shaft. It could be at the bottom, I don’t really know but that would be 400 ft. below the surface of the land.

I have become a believer in the products and have told several friends. In April I will be going to a friend’s house in Loveland to dowse the yard, as they can’t stand to be in the kitchen of the house they just bought.