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Instant Pain Relief from a Sacred Cubit Ring

A Peek into In the Mind of a Master

“Every now and again I get a reoccurring ache in my left foot.  There is no explanation medical doctors can find as to why this develops. Being in extreme pain, I was laid up on the sofa. This was more intense than any other time, each day building upon the previous one, with the pain getting worse, until walking on it proved too much. I had run through my standard variety of remedies: Reiki, acupressure, cold pressed castor oil packs, anti-inflammatory supplements, and my LED device for reducing pain – all with no relief. Then at one point, Scott walked into the room and, noticing how badly I was feeling, took the ½ Sacred Cubit Ring out of his pocket. He slipped it over the troubled foot. Too weak to resist, I let it sit there. The most amazing thing happened – within less than one minute, the pain subsided. I sat straight up and said to him, “OK, now you have my attention!” This was probably the single most dramatic shift I had ever experienced in my life, going from a state of intense pain to a state of complete relief.”

Susan Anderson

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