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Help starting my 10 year old Honda Civic in cold weather

I have a 10 year old Honda Civic that has a lot of miles on it. Last week, my husband was going to drive it on his business trip to northern California, however, after multiple unsuccessful attempts to start it in the cold weather, he decided to take another vehicle. I told him that I had been having the same problem for a while in cold weather. I tried to start the car multiple times after he left on his business trip, but, I was unsuccessful as well.

I am a big fan of Slim’s book, In the Mind of a Master, and I remembered Slim writing that everything is energy and that the rings act as energy conductors. Well, I grabbed my ½ Sacred Cubit ring with 3 beads (24k gold plated) and went to my car. I held the ring over the ignition, then placed my car key through the ring. In my first attempt, the car did not start, but the sound of the engine trying to start “went deeper”. It’s hard to explain, but, it just sounded and acted differently. On the second attempt with the ring around the ignition, my car started!

I promptly drove the car to the local Honda dealership. I asked them to run diagnostics to determine the cause of my problems. They had the car for 3 days and said that they could not find the source of my problem even though we continued to have cold weather. No repairs were made, so I drove the car home and have not had the same problem starting my car in cold weather since the day that I used the ring.

W.S.D., CA