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Instant Pain Relief from a Sacred Cubit Ring

A Peek into In the Mind of a Master

“Every now and again I get a reoccurring ache in my left foot.  There is no explanation medical doctors can find as to why this develops. Being in extreme pain, I was laid up on the sofa. This was more intense than any other time, each day building upon the previous one, with the pain getting worse, until walking on it proved too much. Read more

Why and how we chose the metals we use in the Light-Life® Tools

If you’ve ever spent any time browsing through the plethora of Light-Life®  Tools, you’ll notice there are a few options when it comes to what the tool’s exterior is: copper, 24K gold plating, silver plating, and also some in Sterling Silver.

So here’s a bit about our process.

All our tools are originally handcrafted, and unless Sterling Silver, out of copper right in our shop in Colorado.  Our Master Artisans individually make each piece according to Sacred Geometry and Quantum Physics.  Made originally from copper, the pieces are then first silver and then 24K gold plated if the outside is gold; another layer of silver is added when the outside is silver. The 24K gold plating adds a higher frequency due to the structure of its atom in the crystal as it is applied onto the tools. We also offer a 24 K gold plating for our Sterling Silver Light-Life® Tools.

All of our Personal Harmonizers and pendants have eight alternating layers when the outside layer is gold and nine layers when the outside layer is silver. The reason for the multi-layering is that it creates a thermocouple effect, generating a small voltage to be converted instantly to an electric current (measured in amperage) to increase the tools energy field.

Metal choices can be based on personal preference as well as specific needs.

Visit the Light-Life® Technology web site at www.LightLifeTechnology to purchase and learn more about the Tools.

Applications and reports on the Lotus Pendant

For pain relief, lay the Lotus Pendant on the area where you are experiencing pain. Wear the ¼ Cubit Lotus Pendant with the attached ring to help you if you feel you are being attacked energetically by outside influences. When you are feeling ungrounded or are having difficulty staying in your own energy, wearing a Lost Lotus Pendant is helpful.


A Healer’s Experiences
“Hi, I’m Doctor Lenny Lee Kloepper, although I prefer Doctor Lenny. I’ve been using the Lotus Pendant for about one year. I’ve spent 40 years helping people’s bodies heal. My degree is in Chiropractic, with certification in acupuncture and nutrition. Since beginning the use of the Lotus Pendant, I’ve experienced an increase in overt intuitive impressions, both in quality and quantity. As my primary healing function is empathic, this has allowed a noted increase in the ability of the healing to occur since I prefer to function, as nearly as possible, with specifics verses generalities.


When first placing the pendant on the heart chakra, my initial change was one of expansive response, bigger, and more open. I’ve noted change in the ease of intuition since that first use. The pendant has definitely affected the other chakras, as well, by allowing a great energy to flow through them. If you’re interested in love’s relationship, the changes forthcoming from this pendant will allow a much easier transition from now to the future. If you are a healer, it’s definitely an asset no matter which level of healing you choose, since it allows a greater and more stable flow of energy. I’d highly recommend this and any and all of the other appropriate tools suited to your needs.”
Doctor Lenny, CO


A Painful Hip No More!
“I wore my 24 gold plated 1/2 Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant around my neck on Friday, the day it arrived, as well as the next day, too. Since it’s three and a half inches in diameter, it’s too large to really wear it like a pendant, but it’s just beautiful and I like to stare at it. I can see some of its aura, too – like a sphere of golden white light. I think, though, that the light energies also follow its curves and bends, but so far I haven’t found a viewing condition/environment in which I can see the details. Sunday morning I went to the store. So I stuck it in my left pants pocket. It’s placed right above my left hip, which has gotten more and more painful for the past couple of years. When I got back from the store, I could get out of the car without having to wait a bit for my hip to painfully realign itself for standing vertically – or whatever it does, LOL! That pleased me. For the past year or so, by the time I’d get back from the store and lugged in all the groceries and heavy cases of water, and then put away the produce, I had no more energy. So I’d grab some lunch, sit down and then keel over on the couch and take a nap of at least an hour! BUT – yesterday I didn’t need a nap and didn’t realize until supper time that I hadn’t had a nap! Today, also, I haven’t needed a nap! And I worked straight through until about 2:15 before I decided I was a little hungry and so ate some lunch. My hip is so much improved. I can sit for longer periods of time. When I get up, I don’t have to wait for it to realign itself. The pain, which was an ache that was there much of the time even when I wasn’t moving, is gone.

I originally ordered this tool so I could hang it in a closet in the center of the house. So, am I going to hang it inside the closet? NO! I’m keeping it in my left pants pocket until my hip is healed and good and strong again. BTW, I am 80 years old and was beginning to feel my age. But now with the help of this tool, I’m feeling several years younger! Thanks so much!”

Visit the Light-Life® Technology web site at www.LightLifeTechnology to purchase and learn more about the Tools.

The story behind the Personal Harmonizer

Slim never wanted to make jewelry, however, the demand for a smaller size Harmonizer that people could wear around their neck, was so huge, that he had his foster brother, who was a master jeweler, make some. It turned out that it was very beneficial.

The Personal Harmonizer is a unique combination of the Light-Life Ring and the Acu-Vac Coil in motion. The Sacred Cubit Personal Harmonizer is ¾” x ¾” in size and affects an area approximately five to seven feet around and through the body. The Lost Cubit Personal Harmonizer is the size of a quarter and affects an area Lost-Cubit-Light-Life-Personal-Harmonizer,-copper,-24K-gold-platedapproximately eight to ten feet around and through the body. The Unity Personal Harmonizer is a combination of the Sacred Cubit inside and the Lost Cubit outside. It affects an area of about 10-15 feet around and through the body. Its energy field fine structure seems to exclude or significantly reduce the influences of electromagnetic and psychic energy forms. This seems to be also the case for the Synergy Personal Harmonizer that are a combination of all three cubit measurements: Sacred, Lost, and New Cubit (Empowerment Cubit). This seems to go out to about 25-30 feet radius.

Our own personal bio-field is being strengthened and enhanced by the all the Harmonizers light force energies.

One of the more interesting groups that is consciously and deliberately employing the Personal Harmonizers are law enforcement groups and paramedics because they often run into very difficult situations. Slim and I have had a number of field reports come back from police officers in California and Denver.  None of them have sustained any personal physical injury since they’ve been wearing their Personal Harmonizer. We believe the reason for this is whomever they’re confronting seems to come into agreement with them very quickly. It takes the edge off the anger, yet allows things to be more reasonably solved and, oftentimes, without having to make an arrest. This is a very profound thing. For the paramedics who arrive on accident scenes, they seem to operate more efficiently. They’re more focused, and the injured parties seem to have less resistance to being moved or treated. There seems to be less pain and fewer traumas as soon as they arrive on the scene.

When you look at your own personal environment, you can see what positive affects the Personal Harmonizers could create for you.

Visit the Light-Life® Technology web site at www.LightLifeTechnology to purchase and learn more about the Tools.

Seed of Life – The Lotus Pendant

The idea for the Lotus Pendant came from the Seed of Life. We were looking to create a more personal use of the Seed of Life. Knowing a pendant could be worn on a daily basis, the Lotus Pendant was born! It was named the Lotus Pendant because it reminded me of a lotus flower. The first creation was a ½ Sacred and a ½ Lost Cubit Lotus Pendant however, for some; it was too heavy to be worn around their neck. We then created a ¼ Sacred and ¼ Lost Cubit Lotus Pendant.”

What is true for the Seed of Life is also true for the Lotus Pendant. It has been referred to as the “Soother of the Soul” and is powerful in supporting your healing and transformation on a profound level. According to reports from our advanced healers, the Lotus Pendant is one of our most potent personal healing tools. The Lotus Pendant seems to affect each area of the body differently. Take advantage of this pendant’s native intelligence by laying the pendant on each chakra for five seconds every morning before rising and every evening before going to sleep. This seems to nourish and balance each chakra.lotus_pendant_family

According to some of our research associates, the 24K gold plated Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant seems to reset and harmonize DNA after about 30 days of wearing it constantly. This pendant raises core vibration, enabling the body to respond with a stronger healing energy. This is good for people working near synthetic or electrical material. The 24K gold plated Lotus Pendant supports masculine energy.

The silver plated Lotus Pendant is good for anyone who is energetically sensitive or is an empath. Wearing this pendant may also help balance their chakras so they are not taking in too much energy. The silver plated Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant seems to also reset and harmonize DNA after about 60 days of wearing it constantly. Those who describe themselves as shy and retreating, or who feel uncomfortable in social situations, should benefit from wearing a silver plated Lotus Pendant. It also has been helping with going through periods of grief.

The Lost Cubit Lotus Pendant strengthens and increases the DNA. It is activating more DNA within the DNA strands, thus increasing the DNA. Stronger than the Sacred Cubit, the Lost Cubit Lotus Pendant is perfect for somebody that has already achieved the level of unconditional love and a higher spiritual body. The Lost Cubit Lotus Pendant magnifies these feelings, which not everybody can handle. This is for an individual that works hard to experience life in a loving and unconditional way. They have healed through their fears, no longer filled with aggression or anger. The Lost Cubit Lotus Pendant is taking that filigree and re-imprinting the DNA with the original blueprint, opening up communication with it.

The difference between a 24K gold plated Lost Cubit Lotus Pendant and a silver plated Lost Cubit Lotus Pendant does not seem to be as significant as the differences between the Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendants.

The Lost Cubit Lotus Pendants can be programmed to your special needs for the day, i.e joy, focus, health, love, abundance, etc. You hold it in the palm of your hand and ask it for the special quality for the day. I always include for the highest good of all and a personal prayer.

Visit the Light-Life® Technology web site at www.LightLifeTechnology to purchase and learn more about the Tools.

Personal Experiences with the Light-Life® Jewelry

“My spiritual teacher explained to me that the earrings and eye mask are helping to adjust and realign the rods and cones in my eyes, although they have a long way to go. She also recommended that I use the eye mask for 20 minutes a day and Reiki my eyes while wearing the mask. She said that will also help give the recovery a boost. I can feel the energetic effect on my eyes while wearing the earrings, less so with the mask but that’s okay as I’ll take her word that it is assisting. I will continue to use them, while also saying my affirmations.”


“I’d like to share my experiences with the earrings I received for Valentine’s Day.  Although I am not normally a jewelry person, I do love the energy of the Light-Life Tools, and I was truly excited to receive the pair of earrings with the Mini Personal Harmonizers. In the beginning, I wore them only a few hours at a time. Now I use any “excuse” to wear them, and I must say, I feel more centered and calmer when I wear them. I noticed during especially difficult situations, they have been of great support. On top of that, people always notice them and remark how beautiful and unique they are. I am looking forward to receiving another elegant piece of your new jewelry.”


Earrings Help with Myopia
“I currently wear glasses, and have since I was 9 years old. I don’t know off-hand my prescription, but it is under-corrected so that my eyes have to “work.” My eyes are nearsighted (myopia). I take off my glasses as much as I can when I am home, on a walk, etc. I generally need them to drive, and I can sometimes read without them if I hold the article close enough. “I wear the twisted Harmonizer earrings draped over my ears using a glasses cord to hold them in place. They slip off of the screw-on clip frequently, causing me to be super aware of their presence. I wear them often, most of the day with and without the glasses. I say affirmations daily and Reiki my eyes everyday as well. It took about two weeks to notice much improvement. Then I began to notice that I could read the names of street signs much clearer than previously. I began to notice much more detail in nature; for example, I could see the leaves on the trees much clearer. I was not squinting to see street signs, and began to relax more while driving and in general. My vision appears to be improving, and I am very excited about the possibilities of this product. I have not been to the eye doctor but would love for him to see this and test my eyes. I am putting it off because I would like to experience just a little more improvement in my vision before my visit with him. He will be surprised and want to know what I have done! I will write more as I notice and keep you informed.”

Visit the Light-Life® Technology web site at www.LightLifeTechnology to purchase and learn more about the Tools.

Light-Life® Jewelry is Functional Art Form

Light-Life® Jewelry is Functional Art Form. It is not only beautiful, but also benefits the wearer and the people around you. The Mini Personal Harmonizers are half the size of the standard versions and made out of copper, and then plated with multiple layers of silver and gold. The necklaces and bracelets with one mini Personal Harmonizer come with a handmade clasp, which opens to allow the wearer to move the Harmonizer from one piece of jewelry to another. The jewelry is also offered in different styles with gemstones.jewelry_blog Quartz crystals seem to enhance the properties of the Harmonizer, while gemstone beads added to a piece of Harmonizer jewelry may enhance the gemstone’s power.

The earrings with Mini Harmonizers seem to balance the chakras, align the matrix field around them, and gently raise the vibrations and frequencies into a place of perfect harmony.

We found that when you are wearing Mini Harmonizer earrings, you are attuned to the personal_harmonizer_blogbalanced rhythm of the earth because of the elliptical energy surrounding the Harmonizer and intersecting with the logic of nature, your hormones, and your sleep patterns. You may find it creates a sense of well-being and brings you into a state of harmony. When you are in rhythm with nature, you naturally feel secure and safe. Use your focused intent to create desired results.

Visit the Light-Life® Technology web site at www.LightLifeTechnology to purchase and learn more about the Tools.

The Light-Life® Rings and Energizing Water

If there’s one thing that our world revolves around, it is water. I think sometimes we forget the amazing power this simple substance has, but nevertheless, it is our life force. It is for this reason that I wanted one of my first posts to be about water, and how Slim, myself, and many others are utilizing the Light-Life® Tools in conjunction with it. Much of the water that we consume is tainted to some degree… whether it be through the addition of chemicals in city water, the chemicals released from the plastic bottles, or the natural minerals found in well water. I want to share with you how we here at IX-EL combat that.

Read more