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Peace and quiet after negative energies were blocked

I have been bothered with negative energy enough to cause sleepless nights. After reading Slim’s book, I stapled my yard. I set out the metal poles- one end on the ground and the other resting at a tilt on some handy tree or porch- as I was too tired to dowse.  When dowsing today, I found some negative energy lines that I had missed before.

Ah, peace and quiet; I can even think my own thoughts now (this condition is necessary in order to meditate. Thank you for your practical advice.


Positive Changes since Geopathic Stress Reduction was done on property

Since the class dowsed the property and blocked the geopathic stress lines coming towards my house I have noticed these changes.

  • Immediately when I arrived home that night and continually since that time I no longer clench my jaw or hands with tension, or do I have to force my shoulders down from a scrunched position. I have noticed along with this I am not so stressed by my long commute to work or the job itself.
  • After a couple days my sleep pattern improved significantly. I seem to sleep more deeply now and don’t wake up with a clenched jaw or intrusive thoughts of worry like I used to do.
  • The dogs are much more relaxed and content. The cat is no longer camped out under the bed. Heck, even the parakeet is more chipper and playing with his toys more.

On Sunday evening I also put a ring around the wellhead outside (the well goes down to 400 ft. to the Arapaho aquifer.)

  • I have very hard water with so much calcium in it that if you rinse a dish there are calcium salt deposits everywhere the water dried. By Wednesday morning there was a noticeable change in the soaps and shampoo when used. Because of the salt content most soaps hardly lather at all with well water. Now they lather up great and seem to rinse from the skin and hair better. There is still quite a bit of salt deposit on dishes etc., but I think it would be worth trying the rings around the individual taps as well. There is years of calcium deposits in the pipes and water heater to contend with.
  • Since changing the well pump in 2006, I cannot play the radio while the water is running because the interference from the well pump on the radio is like continuous nails on a chalkboard. On Friday, I discovered that the radio no longer picked up any more interference from the pump at all! Now that is one amazing discovery. That pump is way down that well shaft. It could be at the bottom, I don’t really know but that would be 400 ft. below the surface of the land.

I have become a believer in the products and have told several friends. In April I will be going to a friend’s house in Loveland to dowse the yard, as they can’t stand to be in the kitchen of the house they just bought.


Help starting my 10 year old Honda Civic in cold weather

I have a 10 year old Honda Civic that has a lot of miles on it. Last week, my husband was going to drive it on his business trip to northern California, however, after multiple unsuccessful attempts to start it in the cold weather, he decided to take another vehicle. I told him that I had been having the same problem for a while in cold weather. I tried to start the car multiple times after he left on his business trip, but, I was unsuccessful as well.

I am a big fan of Slim’s book, In the Mind of a Master, and I remembered Slim writing that everything is energy and that the rings act as energy conductors. Well, I grabbed my ½ Sacred Cubit ring with 3 beads (24k gold plated) and went to my car. I held the ring over the ignition, then placed my car key through the ring. In my first attempt, the car did not start, but the sound of the engine trying to start “went deeper”. It’s hard to explain, but, it just sounded and acted differently. On the second attempt with the ring around the ignition, my car started!

I promptly drove the car to the local Honda dealership. I asked them to run diagnostics to determine the cause of my problems. They had the car for 3 days and said that they could not find the source of my problem even though we continued to have cold weather. No repairs were made, so I drove the car home and have not had the same problem starting my car in cold weather since the day that I used the ring.

W.S.D., CA

What can I use the New Cubit Empowerment Light-Life® Ring for?

Below are some reports from practitioners. We’ve also learned that people have amazing results using it to support their telepathic communications.

The Empowerment Ring seems to Work Where it’s needed

“I have been working with the rings all week with my acupuncture clients. I have used both the Sacred Cubit and the New Cubit Empowerment Ring. I am especially enjoying working with the Empowerment Ring. I used it yesterday during an acupuncture session and found something  quite interesting. I was working on my client’s neck/shoulder and low back pain. I placed the ring over the needles on the neck/shoulder area first. When those were done, I removed them, then moved the ring to the low back area, which was still really active and not releasing. When I placed the ring on the low back, the whole area warmed up immediately. The client felt like I had placed a heating blanket on her. When I removed the ring about 15 minutes later, the skin in the whole area was very warm to the touch (but not red like it would be with a heating blanket) and the warmth extended out further than the boundaries of the ring. I then used it around her umbilicus when I laid her on her back to activate her core energy. Like the shoulder area, that area did not feel appreciably warmer than the surrounding skin. I find this quite interesting. It is almost like the ring works in whatever way is most needed. Today the client felt great, said it is the best and fastest she has ever responded to an acupuncture treatment (which I can attest to being true). I also used it last week on clients with the needles and had great results, with faster pain relief and immediate instead of delayed results. I am excited to keep “playing” with the rings and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted. Also, I now have rings on my water softener tanks, refrigerator, and around my drinking water container. I can think of about a dozen more places to put them. I think you are right; you can’t have too many rings!” R.M., IN

Another note from R.M., IN: “I don’t know if you know what radionics is, but using the ring on my antennae seriously cuts my broadcast times, which is nice, since that is the time-limiting

Transmuting Memories with the Empowerment Ring

“I have been using the larger Empowerment Ring around my neck. The land we live on is full of earthbound spirits, and sometimes it messes with my head. I find myself reacting to thoughts that are not mine before I recognize their influence. The Empowerment Ring seems to keep the thoughts out of my head while I sleep and work.

“Additionally, the Empowerment Ring seems to be helping me process the abuse and the memories from my childhood as I acknowledge my father’s passing and sort out the past at a deeper level. The Empowerment Ring seems to transmute painful memories past clearing and healing to learning, courage, and strength

“Our African Grey Parrot loves the Empowerment Ring, too! If I lay on the floor with the ring around my neck, the ring pushes up and she likes to get on the pillow beside me, in the field, but not right in the ring. She snuggles with me and stays still instead of bugging me. It is a stunning difference. This is the mating and nesting season for birds, so for her to settle in like this and be sweet and quiet is very dramatic.” F.S., CO

Slim Spurling explains the prices of the Harmonizers, their properties, and their benefits

This is an email Slim Spurling sent on March 15, 2007 to a customer concerned about the prices for the Harmonizers.

“Good Evening P

The Harmonizers require a 42-step process to construct.  They are carefully handcrafted by our finest craftspeople one at a time.  The measurements are to three decimal points of accuracy to ensure precise frequencies in each unit, which correspond to the natural frequency harmonics of the sacred cubit and the planet.

Since I cannot possibly produce all the Harmonizers needed to meet the expanding demand, we have had to train and employ high quality craftsmen to fulfill customer orders.  We pay a corresponding wage for the best craftsmen, and have the usual business expenses to deal with.  Metal prices have skyrocketed in the past year, along with the tripling and quadrupling of copper, silver, and gold – not to mention the 30% drop in the value of the dollar.  This has forced us to buy in larger quantities to ensure a sufficient supply of materials on hand.

The silver and gold plating are of the highest quality – 24 carat gold and .9999 fine silver.  These two precious metals add their own subtle healing frequencies, and have been found to increase the effectiveness of the Tools several times over.  This is a result of the thermocouple effect of joining dissimilar metals.

A thermocouple creates a small voltage which, given the design of the Tools as superconductors, takes that voltage and gives a 400X increase in amperage.  Amperage is the same as field density and range.

The Tools also act as transducers, converting the electrical energy to scalar or gravitational energy holographically throughout the entire energy field of the Tool.

Since our bodies, and those of all living things, are generated, controlled, maintained, and given life by subtle energy fields, we have emulated nature as closely as possible.  Those using the Tools attest to our results.

The Tools do not wear out.  They are not a consumable item, but more like heirlooms.  With reasonable care, they may pass down to several generations with no loss of function.  Their applications are legion in many areas of life.

Using a Harmonizer in the home benefits not only the owner, but also the neighborhood.  The environmental aspect includes cleaning up the local atmosphere for a spherical radius of  approximately 15 miles.

This is all incorporated in a unique, intellectual, property protected, solid-state device, elegant in its simplicity and astounding to those scientists who have tested them.

I hope you will forgive us for our pricing, as we strive to provide the longest lasting, functional product to enjoy for a lifetime.

A good used car will cost $5,000 or more and require constant maintenance and fuel to give reasonable service, while degrading the environment over its reasonably short lifetime.

Thanks for your inquiry and concern.


Slim Spurling”

Are you affected by Geopathic Stress?

3 visible signs

  1. Look around your property; are there any trees that normally grow straight, but in your garden they grow in an awkward shape?
  2. Do you have spots/areas in your yard where nothing wants to grow even all around the bushes are flourishing?
  3. Are there cracks in your driveway?

8 more signs

  1. Do you have areas in your house where nobody wants to go to or stay in?
  2. Have you noticed any changes since you moved in your new home, i.e.
    1. Has your health or the health of a member of your family declined?
    2. Is your relationship with your spouse rough or needs improvement?
    3. Is your financial situation gone negative?
    4. Is there a room or space in your home where you always argue?
    5. How about your work situation? Did your health decline since you moved to a new office?
    6. Do you have equipment in your home or office that just doesn’t want to work?

These could all be related to Geopathic Stress lines/zones (Hartmann Grid and other Geopathic Stress Lines). We recommend that you either call in a good dowser who knows about Geopathic Stress Reduction or learn it yourself. See our workshop schedule for the next available workshops.

What is Geopathic Stress and why do we care about it?

What is Geopathic Stress and why do we care about it?

Geopathic Stress can be caused Geopathic Lines/Zones, which include both natural lines such as earthquake faults or underground water, and manmade lines such as underground gas, sewer, and quarries. These lines are random in nature, though some may be grid-like and are horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. It can also be caused through the Hartman Grid.

The Hartmann Grid was discovered by and named for a German medical doctor, Ernst Hartmann. It is believed to be a result of the electrification of the world and encompasses the earth in a net-like pattern flowing from south to north and west to east. Some pure areas, sacred sites, or very remote areas have no Hartmann Grid, and some have the grid as close as every one to two feet. There appears to be a neutral area between the lines, but the intersection of the lines is believed to be the most harmful place. The centerline is one inch, the Zone of Influence may be between 8 – 12 inches or more, and the grid can reach heights of up to 600 feet.

Why Do We Care About Geopathic Stress?

Studies have shown the presence of high levels of radioactivity, infrared radiation, and electromagnetic field strength precisely over water veins, fault zones, and areas of geo-magnetic disturbance as indicators of geopathic stress. Geopathic stress is associated with a high percentage of illness.

Certain health professionals in the U.S.A., Europe, and elsewhere, who are aware of the negative effects of geopathic stress zones either through scientific research or intuitively, recommend their patients do not return to the same sleeping/working location after successful treatment for various health problems.

A partial list of the health effects of sleeping, living, or working in a high geopathic stress zone is shown below:

Sleep disorders, tingling, numbness and/or pains in the extremities, chronic fatigue, aching and swollen knees, dizziness, frequent headaches, vision problems, disorientation, memory loss, irritability, stress, swollen abdomen, nausea, open sores unable to heal, allergies, and problems with menstrual cycles. Other health problems directly or indirectly attributed to geopathic stress may include cancer, especially leukemia and brain cancer, neurological disability, and cardiovascular issues.

Certain ailments and disorders seem to be linked to particular types of geopathic stress. For example, hyper functioning disorders such as fatigue, arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and degenerative conditions can be found above mineral ore deposits or earthquake fault lines. Hypo functioning disorders such as hypertension, apoplexy, “mania” types of psychological disorders, and alcoholism can be found above water veins or caverns. Fatigue, chronic skin complaints, and degenerative conditions can be found in low-level areas of radiations such as granite/underground oil shale and in high-level radiation ores. Geopathic stress zones create energy fields with high positive ions. These positive ions actually have a negative impact on human life and on many animals and plant life. Areas with minimal or no geopathic stress zones produce negative ions, which are generally beneficial for health.

To learn how to remedy Geopathic Stress come to one of our next workshops. Click here for our workshop schedule:

Actual Pain Relief Testimonials

The Light-Life® Tools are used successfully by lay persons and health practitioners to relief pain, and speed up healing processes of acute and chronic injuries

Following are some examples:

Instant Pain Relief from a Sacred Cubit Ring

“Every now and again I get a reoccurring ache in my left foot. There is no explanation medical doctors can find as to why this develops. Being in extreme pain, I was laid up on the sofa. This was more
intense than any other time, each day building upon the previous one, with the pain getting worse, until walking on it proved too much. I had run through my standard variety of remedies: Reiki, acupressure, cold pressed castor oil packs, anti-inflammatory supplements, and my LED device for reducing pain – all with no relief. Then at one point, my husband walked into the room and, noticing how badly I was feeling, took the ½ Sacred Cubit Ring out of his pocket. He slipped it over the troubled foot. Too weak to resist, I let it sit there. The most amazing thing happened – within less than one minute, the pain subsided. I sat straight up and said to him, “OK, now you have my attention!” This was probably the single most dramatic shift I had ever experienced in my life, going from a state of intense pain to a state of complete relief.”

A Painful Hip No More by applying the Lotus Pendant!

“I wore my 24 gold plated 1/2 Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant around my neck on Friday, the day it arrived, as well as the next day, too. Since it’s three and a half inches in diameter, it’s too large to really wear it like a pendant, but it’s just beautiful and I like to stare at it. I can see some of its aura, too – like a sphere of golden white light. I think, though, that the light energies also follow its curves and bends, but so far I haven’t found a viewing condition/environment in which I can see the details. Sunday morning I went to the store. So I stuck it in my left pants pocket. It’s placed right above my left hip, which has gotten more and more painful for the past couple of years. When I got back from the store, I could get out of the car without having to wait a bit for my hip to painfully realign itself for standing vertically – or whatever it does, LOL! That pleased me. For the past year or so, by the time I’d get back from the store and lugged in all the groceries and heavy cases of water, and then put away the produce, I had no more energy. So I’d grab some lunch, sit down and then keel over on the couch and take a nap of at least an hour! BUT – yesterday I didn’t need a nap and didn’t realize until supper time that I hadn’t had a nap! Today, also, I haven’t needed a nap! And I worked straight through until about 2:15 before I decided I was a little hungry and so ate some lunch. My hip is so much improved. I can sit for longer periods of time. When I get up, I don’t have to wait for it to realign itself. The pain, which was an ache that was there much of the time even when I wasn’t moving, is gone.
I originally ordered this tool so I could hang it in a closet in the center of the house. So, am I going to hang it inside the closet? NO! I’m keeping it in my left pants pocket until my hip is healed and good and strong again. BTW, I am 80 years old and was beginning to feel my age. But now with the help of this tool, I’m feeling several years younger! Thanks so much!”

Acu-Vac Coil and 1 Sacred Cubit Ring for a Burn

“I went to pour boiling water in my thermos, but missed and poured it over my hand. My hand immediately turned red and was swelling and, of course, painful. I immediately put Traumeel [homeopathic] cream on it and placed a 1 Sacred Cubit Ring around my wrist and an Acu-Vac Coil in my palm. Within 10 minutes, the pain was significantly diminished. Within 1½ hours, I noticed my hand was feeling cold and I felt no burning. I removed the ring and Acu-Vac Coil, and immediately the burning sensation returned. So I replaced them for another 1½ hours. My hand was slightly flushed and sensitive to the touch, like sunburn, but with no blistering or pain unless I touched it. By the next morning, I had no sensitivity or redness. My host had done the same thing three weeks earlier and still had evidence of blisters.”

Remote Healing with the Acu-Vac Coil

“From experience, I have found that it is possible to do remote healing with Slim Spurling’s tools. I use the sterling silver Acu-Vac Coil and simply hold it over a photo or a digital image on a computer screen of the person to be treated. Just as if you were treating the real person, the coil twitches and vibrates until the work has been completed. This process can take up to an hour, and sometimes one must wait for a few minutes between successive blockage removals. Of course, it is essential to receive a healing request or permission from the person to be treated beforehand.”

Visit for more information and testimonials.

Using the Accupressure Tool for Horses

One of the things that I love most about our Tools is the seemingly endless usages they have.  Even though I utilize them in every way I can dream up, I am constantly given new ideas by our field associates all over the world.  One of our friends here in Colorado came up with a brilliant way to utilize the Acupressure Tool, not on herself, but on the horses she does acupressure work on. Read more