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Decrease in fatigue, aches and pains after Hartmann lines and Geopathic Stress was blocked

I just wanted to let you know of my progress. I have blocked all the Hartmann lines and one geopathic stress line on my property. It has been a couple of weeks and I have noticed a decrease in fatigue, aches, and pains in my body and an overall subtle feeling of indecisiveness that has been present since I got home from my last contract. It is amazing.


Peace and quiet after negative energies were blocked

I have been bothered with negative energy enough to cause sleepless nights. After reading Slim’s book, I stapled my yard. I set out the metal poles- one end on the ground and the other resting at a tilt on some handy tree or porch- as I was too tired to dowse.  When dowsing today, I found some negative energy lines that I had missed before.

Ah, peace and quiet; I can even think my own thoughts now (this condition is necessary in order to meditate. Thank you for your practical advice.