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Agricultural Harmonizer and the Attraction of Wild Birds

I purchased an Agricultural Harmonizer 10 years ago, & I can tell you that everything Slim says is true! We have such a lush parkland property now, with literally thousands of birds living here…previously to this, we had very little wild birds living here. I have crystal singing bowls & gongs, & my Harmonizer sits in grace in my sound sanctuary, magnifying the healing sounds, & carrying them on to the rest of humanity along the major energy lines, or songlines, that run across our property. P.E.

North Dakota

Please help the People in North Dakota


The people in North Dakota need your help to restore harmony and blance during this trying time. When my late husband, Slim Spurling, created the Light-Life Tools his intention was to bring harmony and balance to the planet and its people. He was born in South Dakota, where his mom was teaching Native American children at the reservation and he learned a lot about the injustice that was going on, and, as we all know is still going on. I personally feel a strong connection as well without having the same background as he. What’s going on in North Dakota (if you don’t know anything about it please either go to Facebook and search for ‘North Dakota pipeline fight’ or search the internet) would not only harm the land and people there but I believe also have an enormous negative impact on the whole planet. That’s why I am asking for your support. I feel that our Harmonizer Technology can be of great assistance to ALL that are involved in the North Dakota events. Please place your Harmonizer on the map of North Dakota with the intention to bring divine solution, divine resolution, and divine conclusion. You can also say the prayer of divine justice that was given to us by Archangel Haniel. Here it is:

Prayer for Divine Justice

God, Creator, bless me, and all that I claim to be mine. Thank you God for surrounding all that I ask in Divine White Light of protection, and surrounded by the four Archangels – Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel.

God bless The Native Peoples, all supporters, the law enforcement, the oil companies, all agencies that are involved, and Mother Earth.  Thank you God for surrounding All that includes the North Dakota Pipeline dispute with Divine White light.

Thank you God for placing myself, all of the People, land and intentions in this dispute in the very center of the Christ Consciousness energy, and keeping all that I have mentioned in this center until there is Divine Justice through Divine Intervention, bringing Divine Resolution and Divine Conclusion in peace, and harmony for myself and all concerned.

         And it is done, and it is complete, and so it is. Amen

The prayer above is very powerful and I recommend to keep if for your personal use whenever you need support in legal matters. You can find more of Archangel Haniel’s prayers here:

Thank you for your support.

With love and gratitude,

Katharina Spurling-Kaffl

Environmental Harmonizer - Abating Severe Weather

Abating Severe Weather with the Environmental Harmonizer

Do you live in an area affected by natural disasters? The Environmental Harmonizer is said to be effective at abating severe weather. Don’t just take our word for it. Here is a customer’s experience with the tool:

We have been using the Environmental Harmonizer since a few days now because of severe weather warnings here in the South of France and finally they’ve lifted the warnings! We’ll let the Harmonizer work for a while still though! We were expecting 100 to 150 mm (4-6 inches) of rain, instead we got 15-30 mm (1/2 – 1 inch)!” J.S.

Matrix 44 - Ended Drought

Matrix Harmonizer Ended Drought in Northern California

This is a report from one of our customers in Northern California who claims that the Matrix 44 Harmonizer ended drought in their area.

April 11 at 1:29pm

I think my county (Humboldt in northern Calif.) is about the only area in CA that has received semi-normal amounts of rain this past fall/winter/spring. Its extremely lush and green everywhere, with creeks and rivers flowing clear and full. (There is a SEVERE 3-year drought in the rest of the state). Last September we were deep in the dog days of summer, everywhere was arid and dry, numerous fires were raging inland. I ordered my first Matrix Harmonizer on 9/11/14. The rain started about 1 1/2 days after I first activated the Matrix harmonizer. Its rained every week since then!!!!!! Its raining right now! Its been activated non-stop ever since (with a sound repeater), with a weekly pause to clear it. There must be other people in CA that have Agricultural Harmonizers, Matrix Harmonizers, or Cosmic Washtubs…does anyone else in CA have their larger harmonizers activated? Z.B.

Lessening Hurricane Irene’s (2011) Effects with Light-Life® Harmonizers

Testimonial: The Lessening of Hurricane Irene’s (2011) Effects Using the Light-Life® Harmonizers

Hurricane Irene was a major, intense hurricane that caused widespread destruction along the U.S. east coast in late 2011. We received the following Testimonials from customers who utilized the Light-Life® Harmonizers to divert the effects of the storm. They write: Read more

The Slim Spurling Project: Preservation and Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP Oil Spill (2010) Using the Light-Life® Tools

The 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill is recognized as the worst oil spill in U.S. history. Within days of the April 20, 2010 explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 people, remote underwater cameras revealed the BP pipe was leaking oil and gas onto the ocean floor about 42 miles off the coast of Louisiana. Read more

Environmental Clearing Project Using the Light-Life® Harmonizers, Colonie, NY

In March 2009, Virginia Houck attended a Geobiology Stress Reduction and Application of the Light-Life® Tools Workshop in Colorado. After the workshop, she realized that clearing the air and environment with the assistance of the Light-Life Harmonizers had become a personal mission in her life. She became a Light-Life Tools Distributor, and bought 15 Environmental Harmonizers over a four-month period and started the Environmental Clearing Project in her city, Colonie, NY. Colonie is a city in Albany County, New York. It is Albany’s largest suburb. Read more