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Are you affected by Geopathic Stress?

3 visible signs

  1. Look around your property; are there any trees that normally grow straight, but in your garden they grow in an awkward shape?
  2. Do you have spots/areas in your yard where nothing wants to grow even all around the bushes are flourishing?
  3. Are there cracks in your driveway?

8 more signs

  1. Do you have areas in your house where nobody wants to go to or stay in?
  2. Have you noticed any changes since you moved in your new home, i.e.
    1. Has your health or the health of a member of your family declined?
    2. Is your relationship with your spouse rough or needs improvement?
    3. Is your financial situation gone negative?
    4. Is there a room or space in your home where you always argue?
    5. How about your work situation? Did your health decline since you moved to a new office?
    6. Do you have equipment in your home or office that just doesn’t want to work?

These could all be related to Geopathic Stress lines/zones (Hartmann Grid and other Geopathic Stress Lines). We recommend that you either call in a good dowser who knows about Geopathic Stress Reduction or learn it yourself. See our workshop schedule for the next available workshops.