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Actual Pain Relief Testimonials

The Light-Life® Tools are used successfully by lay persons and health practitioners to relief pain, and speed up healing processes of acute and chronic injuries

Following are some examples:

Instant Pain Relief from a Sacred Cubit Ring

“Every now and again I get a reoccurring ache in my left foot. There is no explanation medical doctors can find as to why this develops. Being in extreme pain, I was laid up on the sofa. This was more
intense than any other time, each day building upon the previous one, with the pain getting worse, until walking on it proved too much. I had run through my standard variety of remedies: Reiki, acupressure, cold pressed castor oil packs, anti-inflammatory supplements, and my LED device for reducing pain – all with no relief. Then at one point, my husband walked into the room and, noticing how badly I was feeling, took the ½ Sacred Cubit Ring out of his pocket. He slipped it over the troubled foot. Too weak to resist, I let it sit there. The most amazing thing happened – within less than one minute, the pain subsided. I sat straight up and said to him, “OK, now you have my attention!” This was probably the single most dramatic shift I had ever experienced in my life, going from a state of intense pain to a state of complete relief.”

A Painful Hip No More by applying the Lotus Pendant!

“I wore my 24 gold plated 1/2 Sacred Cubit Lotus Pendant around my neck on Friday, the day it arrived, as well as the next day, too. Since it’s three and a half inches in diameter, it’s too large to really wear it like a pendant, but it’s just beautiful and I like to stare at it. I can see some of its aura, too – like a sphere of golden white light. I think, though, that the light energies also follow its curves and bends, but so far I haven’t found a viewing condition/environment in which I can see the details. Sunday morning I went to the store. So I stuck it in my left pants pocket. It’s placed right above my left hip, which has gotten more and more painful for the past couple of years. When I got back from the store, I could get out of the car without having to wait a bit for my hip to painfully realign itself for standing vertically – or whatever it does, LOL! That pleased me. For the past year or so, by the time I’d get back from the store and lugged in all the groceries and heavy cases of water, and then put away the produce, I had no more energy. So I’d grab some lunch, sit down and then keel over on the couch and take a nap of at least an hour! BUT – yesterday I didn’t need a nap and didn’t realize until supper time that I hadn’t had a nap! Today, also, I haven’t needed a nap! And I worked straight through until about 2:15 before I decided I was a little hungry and so ate some lunch. My hip is so much improved. I can sit for longer periods of time. When I get up, I don’t have to wait for it to realign itself. The pain, which was an ache that was there much of the time even when I wasn’t moving, is gone.
I originally ordered this tool so I could hang it in a closet in the center of the house. So, am I going to hang it inside the closet? NO! I’m keeping it in my left pants pocket until my hip is healed and good and strong again. BTW, I am 80 years old and was beginning to feel my age. But now with the help of this tool, I’m feeling several years younger! Thanks so much!”

Acu-Vac Coil and 1 Sacred Cubit Ring for a Burn

“I went to pour boiling water in my thermos, but missed and poured it over my hand. My hand immediately turned red and was swelling and, of course, painful. I immediately put Traumeel [homeopathic] cream on it and placed a 1 Sacred Cubit Ring around my wrist and an Acu-Vac Coil in my palm. Within 10 minutes, the pain was significantly diminished. Within 1½ hours, I noticed my hand was feeling cold and I felt no burning. I removed the ring and Acu-Vac Coil, and immediately the burning sensation returned. So I replaced them for another 1½ hours. My hand was slightly flushed and sensitive to the touch, like sunburn, but with no blistering or pain unless I touched it. By the next morning, I had no sensitivity or redness. My host had done the same thing three weeks earlier and still had evidence of blisters.”

Remote Healing with the Acu-Vac Coil

“From experience, I have found that it is possible to do remote healing with Slim Spurling’s tools. I use the sterling silver Acu-Vac Coil and simply hold it over a photo or a digital image on a computer screen of the person to be treated. Just as if you were treating the real person, the coil twitches and vibrates until the work has been completed. This process can take up to an hour, and sometimes one must wait for a few minutes between successive blockage removals. Of course, it is essential to receive a healing request or permission from the person to be treated beforehand.”

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