...The Science

Definition: The study of the effect of earth radiation on living organism. Related studies are Feng Shui, Earth acupuncture, Geomancy and Gridwork.

Dowsing with L-rods, pendulum, or merely with the bare hands, is the method used to locate and identify several types of Geopathic stress lines, i. e. Hartmann-grid, Curry-grid, general geopathic lines, personal and interference lines.

A very simple method of using copper clad iron, brass, stainless steel or copper wires was developed in 1993 to divert or neutralize these lines from homes and business. Other techniques using a single magnet and the Functional Art Form of the Harmonizer were discovered and successfully applied by students in The Geobiology Research Assoc.. This Association is a loosely knit group of students graduated from our introductory training workshop consisting of a two-day intensive in a relaxed atmosphere with instruction in the principles and much hands-on practice.

Each training group usually networks with each other to share experiences, techniques and successes. Written field reports are occasionally submitted and kept on file. They are greatly appreciated and provide a growing body of evidence of the reality of energies unseen, but subject to beneficial change.

An introductory training video is available.

Dowsing for geopathic stress was the launch pad for the discovery of the energies and uses of the Light-Life-Tools as Functional Art Forms.

The Light-Life™ Tools

The "Light-Life™ Tools" are the invention of Slim Spurling. Development of the ring to its present state involved contributed ideas and suggestions by a close core group over several years of experiment. All aspects of its existence are proprietary. All rights reserved.

We as a group have found many applications, detailed in following areas: Water; health; healing; pain relief; severe storm damage prevention; relaxation; meditation assistance; fault zone stress reduction; agriculture; pet care; fuel enhancement; jet lag; travel time reduction; sound quality improvement; computer stress reduction; electrical surge protection; broad range environmental improvement; insect damage control.