Penelope Bell's Biography

Penelope Bell is an investigator bridging science/reason and mystic perceptions who lives northeast of Seattle.

She has a degree in geography as well as one in planning, and specializes in environmental planning as a land-use consultant. She was a Master Gardener for six years, and is a founder of a garden club in her community. In the course of her more than 15 years as a dowser, she also learned Zenith, an energy management and healing system using light and color.

Penelope was prepared in childhood by both parents to sense subtle energies. Her father took her on many desert trips, where she developed a passion for the healing energies of the desert and rocks. Her mother trained her in the subtleties of the art of placement, the art becoming commonly known as Feng Shui.

Four years ago, training with Harold McCoy of the Ozark Research Institute in Arkansas. Penelope began working with the power of mind to increase positive and healing energies within people and the earth. Her McCoy education emphasized dowsing, understanding of geopathics (earth energies that can affect a person's health), and the use of intention to alter geopathics.

She found her life's passion working with subtle energies, and pursued training with Drunvalo Melchizedek (Flower of Life), Chuck Pettis (Seattle Ley-Line Project), and Slim Spurling (Geobiology and Earth Acupuncture), and has recently trained with Eric Dowsett.

In addition, Penelope trained in Canada to become a certified facilitator for Geobiology/Earth Acupuncture workshops. Certified by the Academie of Sacred Aromatics, she works with therapeutic-grade essential oils. She acts as research coordinator for the Elodorean Research Group.

Slim Spurling of Geobiology Research Associates and his research partner, Bill Reid, developed a series of light/life tools based on sacred geometry. These tools, which include Personal, Environmental, and Agricultural Harmonizers, Light-Life Rings, Acu-Vac coils, and Feedback Loops, are made of gold-plated copper. They produce powerful impacts on clearing personal and environmental pollution.

The sacred geometry tools (one of which is pictured in the original article), produced by Geobiology Research Associates, work with or without intent, but intent enhances their effect. Further increase in effect can be gained by coupling them with specific taped sounds, the recorded sound of a water molecule for example.

Penelope is fascinated by the observations of physicists and philosophers sparking debate over the physics of reality vs. reality created through intention.

She immediately began to test practical applications of the tools. Personal experiences, from cut fingers mending completely in 48 hours, plants growing more abundantly, and Spurling's accounts of significantly increased agricultural yields, prompted Penelope to contact medical researchers at a local university to run tests on the tools. She currently maintains communication with several physicists, and continues to solicit the involvement of research institutions, most especially those with a focus in physics, medicine, and agriculture.

The light-life tools facilitate transition to higher consciousness. The goal in their use is to merge internal and external energies as one. They can be perceived as "training wheels" until they are no longer needed to move energy, release geopathic stress, focus intention, and reach higher states of consciousness.

Penelope is also involved with the latest invention by Bill Reid. It is a fabric of 24-carat gold bonded to silk. This process took Bill, a metallurgical wizard, alchemist, and graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, thirty years to refine. Pat Reid, a clothing designer and Bill's wife, creates wonderful pieces out of this exquisite fabric that feels like liquid love.

Gold Silk has unusual qualities that reportedly facilitate transitions, insights, and grounding. Some who use the silk report healing experiences. It accentuates positive rather than eliminating negative energies. Some examples of use are in meditation, initiation, and shielding. The fabric is soft and delicate to the touch.

At this summer's West Coast conference of the American Society of Dowsers, Penelope spoke on dowsing, subtle energy use in agriculture, and landscape gardening. She co-teaches classes on Feng Shui and Energy Gardening with Cynthia Chomos and Jean Haner.

Penelope facilitates sacred science geobiology and earth acupuncture training. She uses her many trainings and tools to create impact for people, places, and things locally and abroad. At an expanded level, she holds intention to merge with the unity of life.

You can contact her by email: or phone (425) 485-8058