Products and devices are as is, experimental for investigational use only.

They are not to be used for or as a treatment device, or for the prevention or diagnosis of disease. Developed by a team of research scientists and psychics, the products, the "Light-Life™" Rings; Acu-Vacu Coil; Feedback Loop; Personal, Environmental, and Agricultural Harmonizers are for experimental research and educational uses only. Anecdotal reports must be verified by user's experience.

No claims are made by the producer other than may be verified by competent experts. Attempts to reproduce or duplicate products and devices is prohibited. Duplication relying on appearance alone, may result in harmful effects in short or long term use.

Products and tools are to be used AS IS - combining such in any type of configuration or "geometry" may potentially result in harmful results. Licensed "Research Associate" assumes sole responsibility for use and results, if any. Research or experimentation confers no rights except use as stated in this License/Order Form.

No claims, merchantability or representations otherwise may be made. The rights to ownership of the holoforms are not transfered with purchase of product except to use as is on a supplied product. All Rights Reserved.