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Slim Spurling was an inventor, researcher, and internationally recognized dowser. He developed the Light-Life® Ring in 1991, which became the prototype of a cutting-edge tensor technology. The science represented in the Light-Life® Technology is both ancient and modern. Quantum physics has shown us that ultimately everything is light and energy.


Slim became an internationally recognized researcher and dowser, traveling to North and South America, Europe and South Africa to teach Geopathic Stress Reduction and energy healing.

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It was Slim Spurling's vision to heal and bring renewed vitality the planet. He was an internationally respected healer, researcher and dowser.


ALL life, all energy is interconnected. Light-Life® Technology brings Slim Spurling's tools and tensor field technology alive.


For those who support endeavors to restore your own health, balance and well-being - and that of the people you care for most.


Our unique workshops give you the opportunity to learn and practice healthy ideals.

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Slim Spurling Research

Studies on research that supports many of the concepts created by Slim.


If you're interested in restoring the health of the environment, and Geopathic Stress Reduction.

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In the bestselling book, "In the Mind of a Master", by Susan Anderson and Slim Spurling you will read the extraordinary life story of Slim Spurling, which ultimately led him to invent the Light-Life® Tools. You learn about their many applications; it also includes never-before-published research reports and testimonials.

Healers & Health Practictioners

All of our Light-Life® Tools may be used to promote health and healing. Bring healing to the world, one client at a time.